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      Once upon a time, when I was young, I always dreamed of starting something significant and making an impact on the world. I had a vision, but I wasn't sure how or what to do to get there. People have misinterpreted my vision throughout the years and believed it to be completely unreal or unattainable. One of my great mentors taught me a valuable lesson: "You are the company you keep." The people you associate yourself with define who you are. I've heeded his counsel and surrounded myself with innovative individuals who have a common vision. This will result in having one common goal.


     I didn't just create Elegant King Brew to produce exceptional coffee and differentiate myself from other companies. Our goal is to support people in discovering the meaning of their existence and to address their issues. The problems that these people are encountering include mental health crises and problems related to their employment or businesses. As a people, we will battle to resolve these concerns. Your values—success, empowerment, and innovation—are reflected in the ideals of our organization. The Elegant King Brew's essence is that elegance is a symbol of style and high social standing. King is a symbol of authority and strength.


     At every stage of the brewing process, we work to lessen our ecological impact because we firmly believe in giving back to the earth that supports us. Our goal is to create an extravagant and sophisticated atmosphere that will make you appreciate yourself more.



                           You are the focus!

“Sensuality is the spirit of excellence.”

― Lebo Grand

Our Mission          

Produce a sophisticated and luxurious coffee for customers to take pleasure in. Fostering an environment of coffee drinkers who accomplish well in a variety of professions and businesses. Inspire others to pursue their ambitions, success, and live a timeless lifestyle.

Our Vision          

“To cater to our customers' needs and wants. Help fulfill their purpose and passion”.

Our Values          

“A place of belonging. Continual Improvement and Innovation. Enjoy what you do, be passionate. Strive for excellence, hard work and commitment. Be enterprising and resourceful”.

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